Production Services and Incentives

Drama Free Zone offers production services to filmmakers coming to the South East.  We can create your pre-production foundation with complete schedules and budgets as well as tax incentive estimates and applications.  These packages are prepared by experienced, working Producers, Line Producers and DGA Assistant Directors.

This is the package you need to secure funding, monetize your tax incentive, get bonded and will eventually lead to a successful production period.  If requested, we can also run physical production for your film.

Drama Free Zone can walk you through the recent changes to the Louisiana Tax Incentive Program and in some instances broker your tax incentive credits.

Pre-Production Packages and Incentive Applications are provided nationwide. We can run physical production and provide recommendations for all local crew positions in California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

Production Services include:   

•  Script Breakdown and Formatting    
•  Schedule (Full schedule, One-liner, DOODs)    
•  Full Budget (Including Incentive estimate)    
•  Incentive Applications
•  Crew Recommendations and Hiring
•  Physical Production Services for Run of Show


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